How to unlock an android phone after too many pattern attempts

How to unlock an android phone pattern ? It’s Head frost matter for many Android user after too many pattern attempts.

I know It’s a stupid work that try wrong pattern or pin up to 20 times And generally you don’t do it. But it may occurrence when your phone in your pocket without screen lock or Your son can do it easily. Don’t worry now you can unlock an android phone pattern after too many pattern attempts within a minute.


Lets know How to unlock an android phone pattern after too many pattern attempts easily . I think it’s not a security reason. Its a serious Bug of android OS. Because If you input wrong Pattern over 20 times then your Android phone will be lock . Now your Android phone will show too many pattern attempts Input to your G mail account and password and Log in to your G Mail account to unlock the phone. But unfortunately if your Data connection and Wifi has disconnect that time then you can’t access to Internet as well as your G mail account.

At this reason Android don’t permit you to activate internet connection or Wifi connection.

Let’s follow the Process .

1. Now we try to reset the phone with Factory reset. { Attention after factory reset you will loss all of your phone data like Conducts , Message , Installed apps etc.}

2. Shut down your phone. Wait for completely phone off.

3. Press Power+Volume up+Home at least 30 second at a time.

Now you will see a dark screen with this

Factory Mode


Full Test

KB Test

Item Test

Device Colibration

Test Report

Clear Flash



Or lines below in different version.

SD Card update.

wipe data and factory reset.

toggle log text display between exclamation and menu options.

reboot your phone.

You may see different information in Different version of Android.

4. Now select Clear Flash or wipe data and factory reset. To select press Volume up or down

5. Press Home . Your phone will be reset now.

NOTE: If your android device doesn’t support this method then follow our second post about it. This process works on all kinds of Android device.
How to unlock android phone after too many pattern attempts Part-2

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