How to add Recommended recent posts links in every post.


SEO friendly Recommended recent posts link in single post.

In the article I am writing about the easiest way to add recommend recent posts link to WordPress post. It’s a great work for SEO.



Why you should do it?

I think it’s very useful for on page SEO. Because there is no definite way for Search engine optimization. If you can do it on your own style, then you will get more benefit from it. But you must have to follow Google search engine optimization standard guidelines.

I am sure it will improve your internal linking, Page views per visitors and reduce bounce rate. I have seen most of the Blogger use 5 or 10 recent posts link in sidebar. I think most of the visitors avoid the link. Most importantly if you use a responsive template for your Blog, then the sidebar go to under post. At that time most of the visitors don’t go to bottom of page. But if we add 3 to 5 recent posts link in post. Then visitors must read the link and it increases the chance of click. Visitors spend more time on your blog.

We can easily add some recent posts link in the post using array. You don’t need any program knowledge just follow the article.

How to add?

Process : Sign in to your blog dashboard. Go to appearance >> Editor. Now Click on Single.php from right sidebar. Now Click on ctrl + f.

New copy the code below and paste into search from bottom area of browser.

[php]< ?php the_content();?> [/php]

To copy all text of box click anywhere in the box after that press ctrl + a from keyboard and copy it.

After find it copy the code below and paste before the_content function.

[php]<div id=”reco”><b> Recomended post for you :</b> < ?php wp_get_archives( array( ‘type’ => ‘postbypost’, ‘limit’ => 4, ‘format’ => ‘html’ ) ); ?> </div>[/php]

To copy all text of box click anywhere in the box after that press ctrl + a from keyboard and copy it.

Now save it and open a single post of your website. you should see four recent posts link after post title. If you want to show more or less than 4 link. Just change the value. ‘limit’=>4
, Example if you want to show 6 of recent posts link then write ‘limit’=>6, In this way if you want to show ten posts then write ‘limit’=>10,

[css]#reco b{ background-color:#00F; color:#FFF; padding:3px 5px;}#reco li{ margin-bottom:10px; padding-left:2%; display:inherit;}#reco a{ font-weight:700;color: #000;}#reco a:hover{background-color: #B8F9FE; text-decoration:none;}[/css]

To copy all text of box click anywhere in the box after that press ctrl + a from keyboard and copy it.

If you want to show the recommended recent posts link like PCJAR then copy the CSS3 code and add this to your theme style.css file and save it. Now you will see if like PCJAR style.

This first post of a series of articles about WordPress customization. I shall try to publish more trick about WordPress features in the series. No more today I shall try to write my next article soon. If you face any problems to add this to your website please notify me using comment from.


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