Benefits and Risk of Rooted Android Smartphone.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of Rooted Android Smartphone. In this article I shall talk about advantage and disadvantage of Android Smartphone. Let’s talk to details.

Benefits and Risk of Rooted Android Smartphone.

Benefits and Risk of Rooted Android Smartphone.

What’s root? : I think 80% of Android user familiar with the word root. We get more advanced permission in rooted device that we can’t in any unroot android device.

Example generally we can’t uninstall any system apps of a android device. But in a rooted android device we can easily do it.
Benefits and Risk of Rooted Android Smartphone.
There are thousands of apps and games in the Play store for
rooted android device. Those apps and games don’t support in unrooted android device. For example I am using titanium backup on my Walton primo f2. It’s backup all the apps, call logs, sms logs, app data etc. Titanium backup support only rooted device.

Advantage : What’s advanced advantage we will get in a rooted android device.


  • 1. You can delete unwanted system apps.
  • 2. You can backup all system and user apps + data. 3. You can backup your phone call logs, sms logs, setting etc.
  • 4. You can integrated updated apps into ROM.
  • 5. You can install custom ROM for batter performance.
  • 6. You upgrade android version some of Android device.
  • 7. You can change boot sound, boot animation, system ring tune etc.
  • 8. You can over clocking CPU and GPU of Android device.
  • 9. You can convert any system apps to user apps and any user apps to system apps.
  • 10. You can use those apps which doesn’t support in unrooted Android device.
  • 11. You can use free Internet via vpn.

There are many disadvantages of Rooted Android device.

Disadvantages :
Some disadvantages of Rooted Android device.

  • 1. Brick: Your Android device can be damaged during rooting time.
  • 2. If unfortunately delete any necessary system apps. It can damage your phone.
  • 3. If unfortunately delete default launcher and at that time there is no Installed other launcher in your device. Then you received and make call but you can’t access other apps.
  • 4. Sometimes your rooted android phone may damage after installation unknown source apps. Which isn’t download from Google play.

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