Top 6 Best Business apps for Android


Best business apps for android

Android user can speed up their Business with those special application. Those application helps to stay connected with their client. Let’s discus Top 6 Best Business apps for android Device.


1. Facebook Page Manager : You can manage your Facebook fun page directly from Android device. You can Update page, Post, Photo etc. You can easily reply message , Add comment with this application.

2. Fast Notepad : Fast Notepad application is a full feature Notepad Application for Android devices. It’s same to your widows Notepad Application. You can write anything in Note application and save it to sd Card. You can open and edit the text file in Desk top.

3. King soft Office : King soft Office is full feature Microsoft Office Suite for android Device. You can read and edit the most of Office file and format. It’s has a powerful built in file manager. It’s also support cloud storage like as Google drive , Drop box , etc. You can make MS word , Excel and Power point file with this application.

4. Splash top 2 Remote Desktop: Splash top is a easiest and faster remote Desktop Application for android Device.You can access your Windows and Mac PC Using this Application. You will able to full access to your Desktop Application , Documents , and Media file.

5. Es file Explorer : Es file Explorer is a full feature File Manager application for Android Device. You can kill task , Access cloud storage, FTP account etc. It’s has built in Photo , Video , Audio , Text reader. It’s Also support multi language.

6. Skype: Skype is a full feature Skype client Application by Skype. It’s same like Skype desktop application.



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