Best on page SEO tips for beginner bloggers


Howdy today I am writing about Best on page SEO tips for beginner bloggers. Actually there are a numbers of facts in on page SEO.



Let’s explain those one by one.

1. Link Optimization: The first step of On page SEO is link optimization . You have to optimize your link as http://your site url/Simple post/ or http://your site url/categoty/Simple post/

2. Title Optimization: Write a title at least 30 word and Title must be contain your Article Key word.

3. Keyword: You must have use a force keyword of your article . Use force keyword in this format. Add this in your article head tag Example <head> <meta name=”keywords” content=”Your article Keyword”/> </head>

4. Meta Description : Use a short description of your article in head tag Example <head><meta property=’description’ content=’A short description ( at least 100 word ) of Your article’/></head>

5. H2 Tag: Use h2 tag in your article to focus any line. Example <h2> Your line </h2>

6. Article format: Write article at least 350 word. First para must be contain keyword . Use keyword in article at least three to max 5 time. Revise your article Spelling carefully.

7. Link: Use one or two suitable link in your Article . Use alter word in link. Don’t use a link behind keyword.

8. Image: Insert at least one image in the article . Use alter word in Image. Image name must be same with your keyword.

9. Copy Content: Don’t publish copy content on your blog . But you can Rewrite a article in your own word for your blog.



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