How to create quality back link for best traffic and SEO.


In this article I have written about How to create quality back links for best traffic and SEO.

More quality back link is related with more traffic. Quality back link is most important thing for SEO. We can create back links in various way. But all back link isn’t good for SEO. Only quality back link is important for SEO and more traffic in your website.

WordPress seo

WordPress seo

What is quality back link?
1. Link to your website from higher ranked website.
2. Create do follow link.
3. Create comment link from related articles of you website or page.
4. Create forum post and like to your website.
5. Create answer like like yahoo answer.
6. Social profile link.
7. Directory submission.
8. Advertise link.

Those are quality back link for any website. Let’s see how to create quality back link for website and blog.

1. Comment link : comment on other blogs or website is easiest way to create back link. Comment on other related websites or blog and link to your website. It’s must be batter if you directly link to article or any webpage .

2. Write Guest article : write some guest articles on other high ranking blog and link to your website.

3. Social profile link : Write a short description about website or article and share your link. It’s must be batter open a fun page in Facebook, Google+ and share your link on your fun page.

4. Answer link : Register some forum like yahoo answer. Choose your website or article related question and write a short answer add your link as for more information visit my website or blog.

5. Forum post : Register some high ranking (page rank ) forum and occasionally published post. Add your link in this post with your targeted keyword.

6. Directory submission : Submit your website to high ranking directory with a short description. To your website related high ranking directory use Google search and submit your website in first 20 directory. You must submit your website related directory. For example if you website is about Android then search Android or technology related directly.

7. Advertise link : If you want to spend some money for your website SEO Then use advertise service. You can use Ad word, Infolinks etc for best results. If you have products or business related website then you can put banner ads on high ranking blog.

Note : When you will create a back link for website then ensure that the website must be higher rank from your site. Because if you link to your website from lower ranking site then it’s don’t improve your SEO ranking.

Ranking means Google page rank, Alexa site rank etc.


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