How to get a free MasterCard from Payoneer.


In this article I am writing about the easiest way to get a free MasterCard Debit card and US virtual Bank account number from Payonear. You can receive online money and withdraw from local ATM by the MasterCard

You can verify your PayPal account by the MasterCard( Unsupported Country like Iran )


  • 1. You can Get payment from Odesk, Infolinks, Envato etc.
  • 2. You can Withdrawal money from local ATM boot.


1. National ID card which issued by Government ( or Driving License, Passport).

2. Email account.

Process :

  • 1. Go to Smartphone
  • 2. Smartphone You have to complete Three steps for complete sign up process.
  • @ first Personal Details.
  • @ second Account Information
  • @third Personal Verification

Process to Complete

  • 1. Complete all information of personal Details. You can’t go Account Details steps without complete the steps.
  • You will need Username, Email, permanent Address, Zip code etc. Your Name and Date of birth must be According to your National ID card.
  • If you want get your MasterCard card in different address then click on the check box below and fill the from below.

Account Verification

you have to verify your identity by a National ID card, Passport or Driving License. I have Varified my Identity by National ID Card. You Need Enter your ID NO of your card.

After completing all step You can access to your account. Now Payoneer will take a week for verify your identity. After Varified they’ll send your MasterCard to your Address by regular mail.

At that time you will get a confirmation email

Dear you name,

Welcome to the Payoneer US Payment Service.

This service provides you with a US collection account that can be used to receive payments from US companies directly to your Payoneer account!

Your US Payment Service information:

BANK NAME: Bank Of America


ACCOUNT #: 0000000000000000

ABA # (Bank Routing Number): 000000000

Please Note: Your US Payment Service has not yet been verified. In order to ensure that payments you receive are funded to your account without delay, you’ll need to verify your service by completing the following steps:
Click here to complete the US Payment Service Questionnaire
Click here to submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID

Now you have to upload your National ID cards Scan Copy

Payoneer will send your MasterCard within max 30 day. After getting the Card you have to Activate the Card from your Payoneer account.


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