How to identify a fake or clone Samsung Galaxy phone


In the Article I will Point out About identify a fake or clone Samsung Galaxy phone, spot a clone Samsung Galaxy phone, Genuine vs Master Copy Samsung Galaxy S Devise, Avoid to Buy a Clone / Master Copy / Fake Samsung Galaxy S7 , S7 edge, S6 , S6 edge, Note 5, Note 4 Smartphone.

Now a days there is a lot of fake or clone Samsung Galaxy phone in smartphone market. Most of the clone Samsung Galaxy phone are master copy of original phone. So you can’t identify easily is it fake or genuine. As android OS is a open source software. So any one can customize it’s everything. For this reason It is hard to identify a clone Samsung Galaxy phone for everyone.

How to identify Fake vs genuine Samsung Galaxy device

How to identify Fake vs genuine Samsung Galaxy device

But Don’t worry I shall show you, how to identify the device is original or fake. Simply follow the instructions Below.
How to spot a fake or clone Samsung Galaxy phone

1. Check IMEI Number: IMEI Number is a unique number for every smartphone. So it is important that the device IMEI will be similar to Manufacture box IMEI number. To check IMEI Number of your device simply dial *#06#. In a original Galaxy phone’s IMEI Number will be similar to the Manufacture box IMEI number.

2. Samsung code test: In a Original Galaxy Phone you will get some Software and Hardware info by dialing some code from Dial Pad. Simply dial this code from dial pad.
*#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)
*#0*# (Samsung General Test Mode)
*#12580369# (Device SW & HW Info)
*#197328640# (Service Mode)
*#0228# (ADC Reading)
*#32489# (Ciphering Info)
*#232337# (Bluetooth Address)
*#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)
If you can’t see the code info on your device that means your device is fake. All those code should works on a original Samsung Galaxy phone.

3. Screen color and Brightness: Samsung Super AMOLED display have a deep vibrant color. Original Galaxy phone’s screen color will be more live then clone Galaxy phone and it’s glass also more clear then fake one. Original phone’s screen is brighter than fake Galaxy phone.

Check screen color and brightness

Check screen color and brightness

4. Space from Screen to edge: In a original Galaxy phone Screen to edge space is not more than 1/8 inch. But it may be long in fake Samsung smartphone.

5. Check flash light: Original Galaxy phone’s flash light brightness is enough for capture image in low light or dark environment. But in a clone Samsung smartphone flash light is not good. It doesn’t have enough brightness to capture clear image in low light.

Fake vs genuine Samsung Galaxy device

Fake vs genuine Samsung Galaxy device

6. Check camera: Original Galaxy phone can capture Full regulation clear and Sharp photo. In a fake or clone phone, camera regulation will be hi like original but it’s image quality will be poor.

7. Check Device Memory: Most of the Galaxy phone contains 8GB/16GB/32GB Device Memory. In original Galaxy phone have near 5.5GB/10.3GB/23GB free memory out of 8GB/16GB/32GB memory device. But in a fake or clone Samsung smartphone always contains less memory then original device.

Check Device Memory to identify fake or clone Samsung Galaxy device

Check Device Memory to identify fake or clone Samsung Galaxy device

Here my galaxy core prime shows 5.47 GB free memory out of 8 GB.
8. Check With Samsung Smart Switch : Download and install Samsung kies on your PC. To Download latest version of Smart switch go to Samsung website or click here Download Smart switch latest version. Actually it’s pc suite for Samsung smartphone. After installation open it. Now you will see a massage like this” Connect your phone “.

Use Samsung kies to identify fake or clone Samsung Galaxy device

Use Samsung kies to identify fake or clone Samsung Galaxy device

Now connect your phone via data cable to pc. Wait for a minute. If Smart switch identify your device that means your Samsung smartphone in genuine. If Smart switch couldn’t identify your device that means your device may be fake or clone Samsung smartphone.

In the article I have tried to make a public awareness about clone Samsung Galaxy phone.

In my next article I shall try to show how to identify fake or clone I phone.



  1. AndroidIntel on

    Greetings, Sir i have bought a samsung galaxy j7(2016) but my friend told me about the fake one’s i buy my phone in the internet unfortunately when i check the imei number, Another brand of phone comes up. it says L925, DC-TEL

    THIS IS MY IMEI NUMBER:358892056784547

  2. I just bought a Samsung galaxy c5 and I noticed the front camera isn’t sharp enough, pls is this the same with other c5s or mine is a fake?

  3. i bought j7prime from Dubai and its imie code doesn’t work and it says u have invalid imie and also the given code by you is not working it says connection problem its fake ?

  4. I´ve bought a Samsung J7 SM-700M/DS, it´s recognized by Samsung Smart Switch (version 4.1.17042_12), AnTuTu Benchmark v6.3.3 and Genuine Galaxy as Galaxy J7 model SM-J700M . These are de IMEIs: IMEI1 351967070140194 / 01 and IMEI2 351968070140192 / 01. S/N R28G83KW7NV . This phone has almost all features in J7. Even so I´m not really sure if it´s genuine or Fake. Would you help me to know if my samsung is original?

    • It’s seems your device is original. But to more sure compare its Super AMOLED display with other IPS Display. In Super AMOLED display you’ll see more live color than IPS. Thanks

    • I don’t know about all shop but Daraz, Pickaboo, GP Online shop sell Original Phone. But They sell Imported & Refurbished Smartphone. Another point most of the phone sell with only services Warranty or without Warranty….

  5. I bought a Samsung s7 dous made in Vietnam sm g930f , the phone has no most of the basic features in s7, like Advanced setting, no fingerprint option, no software update option, no smart manager, no connection with gear, no game launcher, all these applications are not there.its a 32g memory with about 30.45g free space.
    I have run test on those codes you listed only about 4 of them were successful, ×#06# ,×#0# ,×#1234#, ×#0228#, the rest were connection problem notice.
    I like to know if Samsung actually produces s7 like this with most of major apps absent.
    This is the IMEI 358316062577927 (slot1) , 358317062577925 (slot2) Baseband version G930FVPU1APB5.Build No.LRX22G.G930FZCU1AOD9.Serie No.0123456789ABCDEF
    I like you to use those information for further confirmation.Thanks

    • Thanks for share, Code test is a single part to spot fake device. Four code successfully run not prove that your phone original.
      I think you’ve buy a Mastercopy device. For more clear download Smart switch from Samsung web and try to connect with phone via data cable.

    • Samsung made their smartphone in China, Vietnam & Korea also planned to start production at India. All are original Smartphone. Plz check your phone with mention code & tools… Thanks

    • This phone is fake. its using IMEIs from old samsung phones like the E1270 (GT-E1270).

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