How to increase performance of a Android smartphone and Tab


Now a day 80% of Smartphone user using Android Smartphone.
There are no different way to increase performance Android smartphone and tab.
But if we take some step that we can easily increase some performance instantly .
let’s talk to details about it.

Increase android Performence

Increase android Performence

Stop Background Apps: Now a day most of the android device support multitasking facilities .
So if we don’t turn off a apps by clicking back then it can still run in Background.
Every android device also have few built-in apps like Maps, Skype, Location, Browser
and File Manager etc. But we don’t need them always. We should close those apps after use to
increase device performance and save battery life.
We can do it easily by using task manager apps like Celene Master, Task Killer, Android Assistant etc.

Turn off auto Sync option: If we on mobile data and Logged in to google account Then turn Off auto sync option from Setting >> Account >> Google.

Use Power saving Option: Every Android device have a power saving option in Settings . We can use this option to save battery and increase Performance.

Reduce Display Brightness: We know that in a Smartphone 60% of Battery are loosed by display. We should turn on Automatic Display Brightness from Setting option. To do this your Device must have to
Light sensor option. Light sensor option Adjust Display Brightness with Out side Light. It’s also save
your eyes from Over light. If your phone Don’t support this option then just set the brightness in 10% to 15%.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps: Uninstall all of your unnecessary apps from Your Smartphone. It’s can save your ROM memory. More space on ROM will increase your Android device Performance.

Use Default Launcher and Key Board: Many of us use Third party keyboard and Launcher for our Android Device. It’s reduce performance of Your Android device. We should use Default Launcher and Key Board More performance of a Android Smartphone and Tab.

Avoid Live Wallpaper and Home Wid get: Don’t use live wallpaper and Widget in Home. It’s Destroy Battery and Reduce more performance.

Turn off wireless Connectivity: Turn off wireless connectivity option like Bluetooth, WiFi, Data connection, NFC etc in unnecessary time. Because it’s destroy battery. Some of free apps can load Ads when data connection was on.

Schedule Power On and Off: Select Air plane Mode of your Android Device in unnecessary time like sleeping time. Schedule option will Automatically On and Off your Android Device. You can find this option in Setting.

Micro SD Card : Use high speed Micro SD Card to get more performence in muttimedia and the Games installed in External Memory. Install the games on Internal memory to get High performance.

Root: Root your phone to increase performance. After rooted you can uninstall unwanted system and over clicking
CPU. I don’t recommended it. Because It’s will destroy Manufacturer Warranty.


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