How to use android phone as internet modem


Now a day 89% of Smart phone user using Android Smart Phone. Because of , It has a lot of great Features. I think Android is most user friendly Smart phone OS Now a day. To day I am Going to write about The easiest way to use android phone as internet modem.

How to Use Android smartphone as Modem , Data card or WiFi Router to get Internet connection on PC , TAB or other Smartphone. Share your internet data package with your laptop, smartphone, Tab etc.

In the article you come to know about……..

How to use android phone as internet modem

How to make a Wireless router using Android smartphone

How to share internet connection from Android Smartphone via USB Cable.

Get Internet connection on PC, TAB, Laptop, Smartphone etc from Android Smartphone.

How to Use Android smartphone as Modem

How to Use Android smartphone as Modem

Details : There are two different way to use an android cell phone as date modem to get internet connection /data connection on PC, tab, notebook and smartphone. In first way you need a android smartphone and data cable.
In the second you need only a smartphone.
First Process : In this process you need an Android smart phone and Data cable of your Android Smart phone And a Laptop or Desktop computer.
No need any other application like PC Suite.

Buy a large volume internet Pack like 1 or 2 GB.

First Method Using Data Cable.

1. Enable data connection ( Internet connection ) of your Android Smart Phone.

2. Now connect your Android smartphone to your Desktop or Laptop using data cable.

3. Don’t click on USB storage .

4. Go to setting on your smartphone.

5. Wireless setting.

6. Now click to USB Tethering.

How to Use Android smartphone as Modem to get Internet connection on PC

How to Use Android smartphone as Modem to get Internet connection on PC

8. Wait for two minutes for active.

You have done all process . Now your computer will connect to Internet automatically. Check your computer network status icon . You will see your computer network Icon shows Network Status is enable.

Now you can able to full access to Internet with any browser or Application of your computer.

Second Method Using WiFi.

There is a another way to use Android phone as wireless Modem/WiFi Hot Spot. You can use or share your Internet connection or data connection on PC both Windows and Mac, Smartphone (All major os), Tab ( all major os), Features sell phone (WiFi enabled ). Actually we are going to make a wireless router or Wireless WiFi router using Android smartphone.

You can use this Method to Share Internet connection From Windows Phone and iPhone to Laptop Smartphone and tab

How to make a portable WiFi Hotspot using Android device:

  1. Get a android cell phone.
  2. Go to settings ==> Wireless & Network .
  3. Click on Tethering and Portable Hotspot .
  4. Click Check Box of Mobile Hotspot.
How to make a Wireless router using Android smartphone

How to make a Wireless router using Android smartphone

  1. Now Click on Configure WLAN Hotspot .
How to make a Wireless router using Android smartphone

How to make a Wireless router using Android smartphone

  1. Give a name in Network SSID.
  2. Set WPA2 PSK in security .
  3. Give a Password at least 8 character and save it.
    You have complete all process. Now your portable Hotspot network is ready to use.

Process to use Internet from portable WiFi Hotspot.

For Smartphone


  1. Take a another android smartphone.
  2. Go to settings ==> Wireless& Network ==> WLAN turn it on.
  3. Now Click on Scan to find Hotspot Network.
  4. You will see the Hotspot network name (Network ssid) and it will ask you for password.
  5. Give your Network password and save it.
  6. Now you will able to use Internet in the device.


For Laptop

  1. Click on Network icon.
  2. Wait a minute. You should see the Network SSID Name.
  3. Click on Name.
  4. Now It will ask Password.
  5. Click on Connect.
  6. Now you are ready to use Internet on Laptop.

In this way you can easily use the Hotspot network in your laptop, tab or smartphone.

Note: I am using Android Phone as Modem of my computer for long Period without any problem.
I am testing this on my windows PC. If you face any problem please comment.



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