How to index new posts and page super fast by Google


Index your website or blog posts by Google within minute . index new posts and page super fast by Google webmaster tools Increase traffic and search rank.

In this article I am writing about how to index your new website, website new page, new blog post quality in 1 to 5 minutes. This process is faster than ping to Search engine. So you don’t need to submit your new links to ping site to index quality.

I think most of the new blogger fetch the problem. Actually it’s a serious problem. Generally Google takes at least 24 hours to index new posts. Specially it’s serious problem for new and low ranked blog. You are losing a lot of traffic for delay index problems. For example, Publish a post on your Website. Wait for a hour. Copy the title of your post and search it on Google. I’m sure you won’t see your phonesite on search results. But sometimes you will see some links on Google search indexed 30 minutes ago or one hour ago. Specially for news based search result.

Have you thought about it? How to make possible? Yes you can index your new posts or page within a minute. Today I shall show you how to indexed new website or blog post or page within minute using Google webmaster tools. I am sure most of the new webmaster don’t know about it.

Why you should do it?



Have you think? You are losing a lot visitors only for delay index problems. But I think it’s a minor problem. I have seen some of bad guy copy my post to their blog without permission. I have found at least 11 my posts directly published on other blog without permission. The most dangerous thing is I have seen one of posts directly copied to PR 5 website. But website PR in 0 till now.

But the main problem is when someone copy your contact to high PR website then Google manually index the High PR website content first and Google can detect you as copy content. Though you are the original author.
Process :

  • Log in to your Google webmaster account.
  • If you have attached multiple website that select a website.
  • Click on Crawl >> Fatch as Google
  • Copy the url of your new posts without domain and paste to the box after your domain.
  • Example : /specification/compare-symphony-xplorer-w68-vs-walton-primo-f2-specipication/
  • Click on Fatch. Now wait for a minute.
  • You will see your url below. Follow the Fitch status. You should see success if the link is ok.
  • Now Click on submit url to Index.
  • Now your new post has indexed successfully

Now search the title of your post on Google to confirm it successfully indexed.

Usefulness :

  • You can catch more visitors from search engine.
  • Forgot the transition of copy paste content.

Note: Do the process within shortly after published a post. Copy the url without you domain.


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