Install WordPress and MySQL database on Android Localhost


Turn your Android device into complete localhost Web server

In this article I am writing about how make a localhost server on android device. You can run PHP program and CMS application on Android.
Install WordPress and MySQL database on Android Localhost

Run PHP program on android device.

Run WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and most of the Web CMS application on Android device.

Palapa Web Server.apk Best Web server apps for Android.

Palapa web server android

Palapa web server android

I am a WordPress Developer. I have a desktop PC. Most of the time I test my new PHP script on localhost. I hate laptop because of its weight. So from some days ago I was trying how to install WordPress with MySQL database on My Android phone. Now I have gotten success. Now I can test my WordPress themes and Plugins on android phone


  • Android 2.3.6 or higher
  • AL least 512 MB RAM
  • ARM based Processor.
  • At least 50 MB free space on internal memory.

I have used Palapa Web server apps. Download the Apps from here.The apps is full free. So you don’t need pay for it.

Process :

  • Install Palapa Web Server.apk on your Android device
  • Open the apps from apps list
  • Now go to bottom of the page and Click on install Below Core Application(It may take up to 10 minutes for install.)
  • Now go to Top of the page and Start Web Server and Database server.
  • Now open an browser.( I am using Chrome browser)
  • Now visit
  • Use username : root
  • Use password :adminadmin
  • Create a database name wp(You can use any name. I have used the name for the tutorial )
  • Now Download WordPress Application from WordPress
  • You have finished first step

Now open a file manager. Copy the Download file. Go to folder Path : /sdcard/pws/www/. Now paste the file and extract here.

Now go to Browser and browse the link:

Use the value to install WordPress.

  • Batabase name : wp( Or your created database name. )
  • User name : root
  • Password:adminadmin
  • Table prefix : wp_ (Your choice )

That’s it. Now enjoy Full WordPress site on your Android device.



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