Which personal information you shouldn’t share on social networking sites.


In the article I am writing about which personal information you shouldn’t share on social networking sites. How to secure yourself on online social networking. There are both good and bad side in using social networking. Social networks helps us a lot. But sometimes it threats for us.

Online social networking becomes more popular day by day. It’s also a powerful way of communication. Now a days we can’t imagine our life without social networking. It has made true the thinks of global village. Social networks has made the world into one community.
We can always stay connected with our friends, fans, family, customers, clients and other using social networks. It has made our life more faster. It’s not only helps to communicate with friends and family but also business clients and customers. It has made our business more profitable. We can send a product information to our customers and fans within a minute.

Social Share

Social Share

But we shouldn’t forgot that it also has a bad side. Sometimes social networks can be harmful for us.
I have seen some of my friends share their personal sensitive information like cell phone number, email, likes, dislikes etc social media. Once upon a time I have shared those too.
I have seen a hacker can hack your email, smartphone control, online account, important password, credit card information even your personal computer control by using those information.
Now a days most of the secret agency like CIA, FBI, CID, INTERPOL etc tapping social media to get personal information of criminal. In the western country some of political parties recherche on social media to know more about the voters.

On the other hand most of the multi national like samsung, Apple, Microsoft etc marketing company want to know about their customers personal information at any cost.

There are million of hacker worldwide who always send us spam mail by matching our like and dislike. Besause if We get a mail from unknown person with my Favourit infirmation then there is the most chance to read the mail and open attachment file. In the most reson They collect those Information from our social media profile.
I have seen some of affiliate marketing company and marketers also send us spam mail by matching our social media profile. They also collect most of our emails from social profile.

Which personal information you shouldn’t share on social networking sites.

1. Personal sell phone number. If needed make private.

2. Email address. If needed make private.

3. Lifestyle.

4. Hobby and Goal.

5. Likes and dislikes.

6. Choice.

7. Favourite things.

8. Educational qualifications.

9. Job.

10. Favourite person.

No more today , Be safe Be careful on Online social Media.


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