Easiest way to remove Blogger credit link [Powered by blogger]


Easiest way to remove Blogger credit link [Powered by blogger]

Do you have a blogspot blog?
Do you want to remove Blogger credit link?
Do you want to remove powered by blogger attribute?

In the article I am writing about the easiest way to remove powered by blogger attribute from blogspot blog. No need advanced knowledge or coading knowledge.

I think Google blogger is one of the best blogging platform without any cost. You can make a SEO friendly blog with blogspot sub domain without any coading and Web design knowledge. I think the most important thing is blogspot blog support AdSense. This is a opportunity of great income. you can easily shift you blog to top level domain without losing SEO value.

Let’s unlocked it and delete Powered by Blogger forever


Go to setting > Templates Design > HTML editor > processed.

Click Box of


Press {Ctrl+f} from Keyboard.

And write this in search box

{<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>}

Change the lock value {locked=’false’}

You have done. Now save templates.

Now you can easily delete it from layout page.

Go to layout and find attribution widget

remove blogger link

And press edit

remove blogger link

Click to remove

After remove this widget save your layout

If you have faced any problem please leave a comment.



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