How to root Symphony xplorer W20 and W30.


Today I will share the easiest way of root Symphony xplorer W20 and W30. In this trick your Symphony W20 and W30 will root in one click. I have tasted the process myself. I think this is the easiest way to rooting Symphony W20 and W30.
I have root the Symphony W20 and W30 with E-root desktop application.

Root process isn’t 100% safe. It will destroy your phone Warranty. Before Root your Android device please read.

Benefits and Risk of Rooted Android Smartphone.
Why for root : You will get many advanced advantage in a rooted android device.

  • 1. You can delete unwanted system apps.
  • 2. You can backup all system and user apps + data.
  • 3. You can backup your phone call logs, sms logs, setting etc.
  • 4. You can integrated updated apps into ROM.
  • 5. You can install custom ROM for batter performance.
  • 6. You upgrade android version some of Android device.
  • 7. You can change boot sound, boot animation, system ring tune etc.
  • 8. You can over clocking CPU and GPU of Android device.

Necessary elements :

  • 1. Data Cable of your Android phone.
  • 2. Computer.

Process :

  • 1. First download E-root application on your computer from the link below. Download
  • 2. Connect your Symphony xplorer W20 or W30.
  • 3. Wait for 10 minutes for driver install.
  • 4. Now disconnect your phone from PC.
  • 5. Install the E-root apps and open it.
  • 6. Connect your phone with PC again.
  • 7. You should see your phone model name in the screen.
  • 8. Now Click on root.
  • 9. Now you will see some information in Chinese language.
    Follow the second screenshot image.
    You have complete your all rooting process..


    Now Reboot your phone. At that time you will see. Superuser apps on your application list.

If you don’t see Superuser apps on your application list that means your phone isn’t root. Please try again. Repeat all process again.

How to check :There are many ways to check out root permission of your Android phone. Install any one application from the list below.

  • 1. root check.apk.
  • 2. Titanium backup.apk.
  • 3. Clean master.apk

After installation when you launch any apps of them then the apps call root permission.

Rooting android device isn’t 100% safe. So please do it at your own risk.

No more today root your Symphony xplorer W20 and W30 and enjoy.


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