Killer tips to make SEO friendly Title Link and Meta tag


How to make SEO Friendly title link and meta tag.

Today I am writing about How to Optimize title, link and meta tag for on page
search engine optimization. Complete 80% of SEO with title, link and meta tag.
I have apply this on my website and it’s works fine. I am able to increase my
traffic up to 200% within 15 days. You can apply this on your old post. I am sure
you will able to increase your visitors.

Title Optimization For SEO : If any one asked me what is title? Then I shall
talk “Title is complete description of a full article in single sentence.” So before
published a article you should make complete sense of the article in title.
Example: If you want to publish a post about WordPress url redirect. Then you can write a title
like this WordPress 301 redirect guide with .htacceess
You should follow some rules to make a SEO optimized title.

  • Write a title within 70 character. Because Search engine can display max 70 character in title.
  • Always try to express you complete sense in title.
  • Your title will be readers friendly and easily understandable for your visitors.
  • Don’t use SEO Stop word in title.
  • Don’t use Complex word in title.
  • You title must be contains your main keyword.
  • Always try to write the title in English even you have written the article in other language.
  • Start your title with capital litter.

WordPress (17)

Link Optimization for SEO: What is link? Link is the address of your post or page. So you should follow some rules
to make SEO Optimized link.

  • Create a new post or page link from title using ( – ) and ( / ) .
  • Example : The title of the post is ” WordPress 301 redirect guide with .htacceess “
  • If the post is under a category, then add the slug before post. Example : I have added my category slug (wp-tutorials).
  • For WordPress website read the post WordPress Theme selection and Permalink structure for Beginners
  • Keep url length max 100 character.
  • To change previous link without losing SEO value. Read the post. WordPress 301 redirect guide with .htacceess

How to write a SEO Optimize meta tag? : I think meta tag is the most important part of Search engine optimization. Because search engine use the meta tag to understand a online content. It also shows in search results. So properly used meta tag also helps the visitors to understand about the content.

How to write? : Meta tag will be a short, but complete description of page or post within 156 character. For example : I have written a meta tag for my post WordPress 301 redirect guide with .htacceess.

WordPress 301 redirect guide with .htacceess. Complete WordPress snippets guide without losing visitors and SEO value.

You have to follow some rules to write seo optimize meta tag.

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