Best SEO tools for Website Facebook page and YouTube


Killer tips to increase Back-link, Traffic, Facebook like and twitter follower.

In this article I am writing about how to get more traffic, Back-link, social linking for your website. More like for your Facebook page. More follower for your Twitter profile.

Actually I’m talking about a website. I have used it for my website. It’s really useful for a new website. You can increase your your page rank, Traffic, social bookmarking, instant visitors, would wide visitors, Back-link and many more. It’s also reduce your bounce rate and Alexa rank.

It’s also helpful for freelancer who works with SEO. Specially for Facebook like, Twitter follower, Facebook share etc. I think it’s useful SEO tools for us.

Actually it’s a website Linkcollider. It’s a SEO based service website. It’s easy to use. Most important it’s completely free of cost. But they have paid service for premium and gold user. No tension you can use all features of the Website without costing money. You have to spend some time for it. But you can enjoy all facilities without spending time as a premium member or gold member.

Preveleaes :

  • You can get Traffic, Share, twitting, like on Facebook, Back link, Pinterest share and post for your Website.
  • You can get like, share, twites for Facebook page.
  • You can get follower for Twitter page
  • You can get follower for Pinterest page
  • You can get subscribers for YouTube page

How to works?

Sign up here with a valid Email Address

Click hete to Signup Linkcollider to get free Web Traffic, Facebook Like, Twitter Follower etc.

After Sign up You have to Submit your web site here with a Short description. You can submit up to 3 web site with a free Account. You can submit Website, Facebook Page , Twitter Page, Pinterest Page, YouTube Page.

I have submitted two website. One my blog and other my blogs Facebook page. See the screenshot

It’s works with token. Aftern submitting website you have to earn or Buy Token. You cat earn tocken by Tweeting, Facebook Sharing, Liking Facebook Page, Following Twitter Page, Following Pinterest page, Subscribing YouTube Page,

Posting on Tunblr, Posting on Stumbleupon, Clicking on link, Autosurf.

I think we know about all without Autoserf. Autoserf is most easy way to collect Token. When you select Autoserf from Collect tokens by Menu. Then it will be continuously loading a website once after one. The web site will show on your browser for 25 seconds. At that time you will get 10 or 20 token for every website.

You can also buy token from Store. Without it’s you will get 350 Free token every day. In free account you can gather up to 20000 token.

Token Cost: When you received any Web Traffic(10 Token), Facebook like(30 Token), Facebook Share(30 Token), Twitter Follower(30 Token), Twitter Tweets(30 Token), Pinterest follower(30 Token), YouTube Subscriber(30 Token) you will lost token. You can change token cost rate from setting.

No more today Please comment if you face any problem.


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