Smartphone specification details


Specification details of smartphone

There are a numbers of smartphone Brand and model in the world. Everyday add new feature and technology in those smartphone. Before buy a smartphone we see it’s specification but 40% of people don’t know well about all features of a smartphone specifications.

Network & Connectivity:

There are a huge number of different technology in smartphone connectivity.

1. GPRS/EDGE: It’s a Internet connectivity option of a smartphone. We can access Internet via smartphone benefits of it. It’s support max 296 kbps download speed and max 115 kbps upload speed.

2. 3G: It’s also a high speed internet connectivity option of smartphone it’s also support voice call and video call. It’s support max 15 Mbps speed in download and max 6 Mbps in upload .

3. 4G: It’s same to like 3G network. The main benefits of 4G network is It’s support max 100 Mbps speed in download and max 50 Mbps in upload.

4. Bluetooth: It’s one to one type connectivity between two device. We can share file , lichen music and control other device via Bluetooth. Max range Bluetooth is 20 meter.

5. NFC: Full meaning Near Field Communication.
It’s support high speed file transfer between two NFC enabled device.

6. Infrared Port: It’s also a file transfer connection in smartphone. It’s file transfer sped in very slow.

Smartphone details


Camera is one of the most important part of a smartphone. We can take still image and video benefit of it. Let’s know more about camera specification. Many of us think the image quality is depend on Megapixel but it’s wrong. Image quality depend on whole specification.

1. Megapixel: Megapixel is captured image size. Generally we see from 0.3 to 41 Megapixel in smartphone camera. It’s depend on smartphone camera sensor. It’s count by horizontal and vertical regulations of an image.

2. Auto focus: It’s very important to capture a quality image via smartphone camera. Auto focus option can adjust capture focus in perfectly.

3. Image and video Stabilization: it’s a dedicated image and video processor. It’s helps to capture best quality image via smartphone.

4. Image Sensor: image sensor control image quality, color and light. The mos used camera sensor is CCD, Cimos Sensor.

5. Lens: lens is most important part of camera. Because it take light from figure.

6. Fps: Full meaning Frame Per Second. So more fps is good for quality video. Ideal fps of video camera is 30fps.

7. Face/smile Detection: It’s can detect face and smile during shooting a image.


display is one of the most important part of smartphone. There are various kind of smartphone display . let’s know more about it.

1. Resolution: We see different resolution display has been used in different smartphone model. Resolution means horizontally and vertically pixel number. We see from 240×320 to 1080×1920 display used in smartphone. The more Resolution display is batter then less Resolution display. Generally we see FWVGA (320×480), VGA (640×480), WVGA(480×800), qHD(480×854), HD (1280×760), Full HD(1080×1920) Size display used in smartphone.

2. TFT LCD: It’s the Most used Display in Smart phone. Full meaning Then Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display. It’s performance in out door very low and It’s use large amount of Battery Power

3. IPS LCD: Full meaning In Plane Switching LCD display . It’s Support angle view. It’s use a less amount of Battery power.

4. Resistive Touch Display: It’s a touch technology display . It’s made with two different part. It’s comfortable in stylar touch.

5. Capacitive Touch: It’s also a touch technology. It’s more comfortable with finger touch. It’s can detect human Electro magnetic field. So it’s don’t work with stylar.

6. OLED: Full meaning Organic Light Emeting Diode. It’s a modern technology display. It’s can display more bright and sharp image. It’s used low power.

7. AMOLED: Full meaning Active Matrix Organic Light Emeting Diode. It’s an upgrade technology of OLED Display. It’s can display more Bright and sharp image then OLED Display . It’s use a very low energy.

8. Super AMOLED: It’s a modern version of AMOLED display . Samsung has made the display. It’s more then AMOLED Display.

9. Retina: Apple has made the display for iPhone. It’s picture quality is very good.


Sensor make a smartphone is intelligent. It’s makes our smartphone more useful.

1. Compass: It’s same to analog compass. It’s works for Magnetic Field Sensor.

2. Barometer: it’s identified the air label and air flow.

3. Temperature: It’s helps to identified the Temperature label of outside.

4. Proximity: It’s touch sensor. Proximity sensor is able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. It’s helps to control perfectly of touch screen Smartphone.

5. Light sensor: It’s an intelligence light control system. It’s try to keeps the display light same to our environment. It’s save our eye from over light. It’s also save battery.

6. Accelerometer: It’s a vibration sensor. It’s able to detect our smartphone acceleration. It’s helps to control reaching games.

7. Gyroscope: Gyroscope is intelligence balance sensor . it’s helps to keep balance of smartphone. It’s helps to playing games , balance screen. It’s also used as a compass.

8. Motion: Motion sensor can detect movable object front side of camera. It’s work with camera.

9. Eye Tracer: it’s can detect movement of our eye . When we read book and web page then it automatically move the page when we see end of page. At first samsung use this technology in Samsung galaxy s4.

10. Finger print: It’s can detect our finger print . Actually it’s a finger print reader. Apple use this technology in iphone 5s.


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