How to Submit a XML sitemap to Google webmaster tools


How to Submit a XML sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

How to Submit a XML sitemap to Bing webmaster tools.

In the article I will show you how to Submit a XML sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster tools.Important Of XML sitemap submission to Google and Bing.

Important of XML sitemap Submission : XML Sitemap is Major part of On page SEO. Search Engine get a clear idea about a website from XML sitemap. It’s also Notify a Search Engine about a new content or post. XML site helps to index a website quickly and Completely. We can find out broken link by submitting a XML site map to Search Engine

How to make a XML Sitemap : There are so many way to build a XML Sitemap. You can Build it yourself for best results. I will try to write another post about How to Make a XML Sitemap.

For Self Hosted WordPress site : You can use Plugins to build a auto XML Sitemap. I Recommend to Use Google XML Sitemaps or WordPress SEO by Yoast. Those Plugins will build your sitemap after any change on your website like new post or page add.

If you use other type website then use online tools to Build a Sitemap. I have tested xml-sitemaps website. After submit your Website they will auto Blued your Sitemap. Download it and Upload to to your Website Root Directory.

Process for Google Webmaster Tools :

Necessary Element : Google Account, Own website.

At first Get a Google Account Or Go to Google Webmaster tools

Type your website in the box and Click on ADD A SITE.

Now Google forced you to verify ownership of your website.

Google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools

Select Alternate methods >>> HTML file upload. Download the HTML file and upload to your website root Directory

Click on VERIFY to verify Ownership of your site.

Now you will see Congratulation message.

Now go to Crawl >>> Sitemaps . Click on ADD TEST SITEMAP.

Type your XML Sitemap URL in the box Example : But you will type you the URL without your Domain.



After submitted you should see subtitled link number.

Process for Bing webmaster Tools :

Get a Bing account and Go to Bing Webmaster tools.


Click on Add a Site. Type you domain URL in first box and Type your XML sitemap URL in Second box. Now Click on ADD.

At that time Bing will forced you to Verify your Ownership of your website.

Now Download BingSiteAuth.xml file and upload it to your root directory of your website.

After upload Click on Verify. Now you will redirect to Dashboard.

Now Click on Configure my site >>> Sitemaps

Type your sitemap URL in the box and Click on submit.

Note : You can submit your feeds URL for batter Search results. WordPress feed URL is


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