Top 5 Reason to improve smartphone battery life


In the Article I am writing about How to improve smartphone battery life. Top 5 Reason to Make longer Smartphone battery life. You can Easily Longer your Smartphone Battery life by following some East tips.

Let’s see How to improve smartphone battery life. I will show you the Top 5 Reason which can improve smartphone battery life for Extra Three or Four hours. In the Article I will point out about Five Things, Change setting, Uninstall Apps, Close Background apps, Turn off Background Data, Enable Battery Saver Mode

Top 5 Reason to improve smartphone battery life

Top 5 Reason to improve smartphone battery life

Change setting: To improve smartphone battery life

At first take care about Setting, We can increase smartphone Battery life up to Extra 4 hours by make change our Regular setting.

  • Connectivity setting: Kept turn off all the unwanted Connectivity option like WiFi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer
    ( Auto Screen Rotation), NFC, 2G ro 3G Data Connection. Always kept turn off if not necessary those connectivity option in your Smartphone.
  • Avoid Live Wallpaper: Live wallpaper is harmful for Android Smartphone Battery. You Should avoid Live wallpaper to improve Smartphone Battery Life.
  • Display Setting: About 30% or 40% Battery life use Big Touch Screen. So kept Screen Brightness under 30% or set Dynamic or Auto Brightness setting. To set go to Settings > Display > Brightness.. Limit the screen timeout Keep the screen timeout short may be 30 second. To set go to Settings > Display > Sleep.
  • User Profile: Do not Use Vibration for ring.
  • Keyboard setting: Do not Use any sound or Vibration on Key press. To set go to Settings > Language Input > Google keyboard > Performance.
  • GPS: Turn off Location service. Because GPS option always try to share your Smartphone Location with Connected server like Google maps. To turn off go to Settings > Google > Location.
  • Turn off Auto Update Apps: Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps > Do not auto update apps.
  • Use Lock Screen Notification: From android Lollipop V 5.0 every Smartphone support Lock Screen Notification. If your Android Smartphone Runs with an version Android then you can us Dynamic Notifications.
  • Set your ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘sleep’ schedule: Sat a time to power off & on when you sleep. To seet go to Settings > Schedule power off & on. If not available on you smartphone Then you can use Power schedule Apps.
  • Turn Off the auto sync Option: Turn off background Data. To set go to Settings > Account > Auto sync Data.
  • Uninstall Apps: Uninstall all unused apps. Use less Social apps Because Social Application Always try to stay Connected with it’s Server and Usually Social apps use more Battery then other Apps.

Application: Remove Unwanted Apps from your Smartphone.

Here is a list of application That are very harmful for battery Snapchat, Netflix, Amazon Shopping, Outlook, BBC News, Whats app, Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft, Cookie Jam, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds. Every one should Avoid those apps if possible.

Close Background apps:

Now a day all smartphone support Multitasking Facility. So if you don’t Close a apps manually it will continuing in Background. You can check Background apps by long press Home Button in Android Smartphone. In Samsung Galaxy Smartphone single tap on left side touch button. After leave a apps clear the background Apps.

Turn off Background Data: Kept off Background Data if really not necessary.

Always try to off background data when your Smartphone data connection is on. It will save Both your Battery life and Data usage cost. Go to Settings > Data Usage > Background Data.

Enable Battery Saver Mode:

I know we don’t need Smartphone all the time. Most of the time we use Smartphone like as a Features Phone (Voice Call, Messaging). At the time you should use Battery saver Option or Power Saver Option. It will increase your Smartphone Battery life up to 4 hour extra. If your phone don’t have Power Saver Option by default then you can use Greenify apps. It will helps to save battery like Power Saver Option.

I have already discuss about Top 5 Reason to improve smartphone battery life. But thera are still some reason that you should take care to improve smartphone battery life.

Avoid over Heating During Gaming or Watching Video on Smartphone. Because Over heating is harmful for both Smartphone and It’s Battery.

Use an External Battery like Power bank to get power instantly where you visit.

Do not use Smartphone up to the end of Battery. Try to Recharge when still available 30% to 40% Power.

Do not use Smartphone during Chairing time. It can Over Heated your Smartphone.


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