Withdraw money from odesk via Dutch bangla mobile bank


In the article I am writing about How to withdraw money from odesk via Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking Account.

Hallo guys this post is only for freelancer of Bangladesh who are looking a easy way for withdraw money from odesk. There are over 3 luck freelancer in Bangladesh. But the most sorrowful ward is PayPal isn’t available in Bangladesh. I am talking about PayPal because I think PayPal is most believable online payment service in the world.

Withdraw money from odesk via Dutch bangla mobile bank

But good news is now you can withdrawal money from odesk via Dutch Bangla mobile bank account. Anyone can get an mobile banking account for 100 taka. Open a mobile bank account with matching odesk account name.

It’s also support moneybookers(skill). I’m talking about Dutch bangla mobile bank account because there are many freelancer in Bangladesh of underage like me. Who are not eligible to open a bank account or not have a National ID card for account verification.

I have no National ID card So I am using DBBL Mobile bank account for withdrawal money from odesk. As it’s supports Moneybookers so you can use it on other Freelancing site.

Process :

1. Go to your odesk account and click on get paid.

2. Choose local bank transfer.

3. Write swift code of DUTCH-BANGLA BANK
( DBBLBDDH ). Click on Go.

4. Now you will see Dutch bangla banks main Branch information.

5. Fill up the from

First year DUTCH-BANGLA mobile bank account number ( your mobile number + extra digit ).

Branch name(Example: Jessore Branch), Branch Address(11 R.N Road Jessore), Account name(Your Odesk Full Name), your home address, City and State name, select your country, your mobile number with country code.

6. Now Click on the check box and Select next.

7. After three or four days your payment method will be activated.

Then you will receive money on your Mobile bank account.

Note: Don’t withdrawal more than 100$ in this method. If need use Bank account.



  1. swift code কোন ব্রাঞ্ছের টা দিবো? আপ্নি যেটা উল্লেখ করছেন সেটা ??
    ধরুন আমি $20 ডলার ট্রান্সফার করবো তাহলে চার্জ কত কাটবে ??

    অগ্রীম ধন্যবাদ

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