WordPress Meta tags and Alt tag for Beginners


This is a Series post on Search Engine Optimization for WordPress. Please read our first post before read this post.

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In the Article I am writing abour Mete description, Using alt tag in image, Filter out going link.

4. Meta description : Meta description is an most important part of Search Engine Optimization. It’s very important to writing a short description of the content or article in meta description. Search Engine shows The meta description in search results. It’s also helps search engine and visitors to understand about the content without read full article.
Search Engine can show only 156 character in search results. So you should write a Meta Description within 156 character. Always try to write a complete sense of the content in meta description.

How to add Meta Description in WordPress? : Best way to insert Meta description in WordPress is WordPress SEO by yoast and All in one SEO Plugin. Here you will find some extra input field in Edit post page. Extra field like Keyword input field, Meta discription input field, Meta keyword input field, Link slug input field etc.
Discover more about SEO friendly meta description tag for WordPress

WordPress SEO tips

WordPress SEO tips

5. Alter Tag : It’s also an important part for on page SEO. I am talking about using alt tag into Picture. Because Search engine Can’t read an image file But when you use alt tag in an image link then Search engine easily understand about the image. When you use your article Keyword in alt tag then search engine index the image and link with the keyword. It helps to increase your article rank in search results .

How to add alt tag?: Example: Link format <a href=”your image link” alt=”your Keyword”>Link text</a>

Image format <img src=”Image link” alt=”your keyword” />

6. Filter Out going link : If you want make a user friendly content then you have to use some out going link in the article. Out going link can reduce your SEO ranking. Specially when the link go to a website which rank is lower then yous Website. But you can solve the problem by using no follow link in article. Search engine don’t index any Nofollow link.
Example : <a href=”Out going link” rel=”nofollow”> Link Text</a>


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