WordPress Theme selection and Permalink structure for Beginners


WordPress Theme selection and Permalink structure for Beginners

WordPress SEO Step by step guidelines. WordPress is the world largest CMS application. Anyone can build a high quality website without any Your design and development knowledge or Coding Knowledge with WordPress. On the other hand WordPress is full customizable Your Application. So if you know PHP program well, you can add advance features in your WordPress site. The demand of WordPress CMS is increasing day by day.

From today I am starting a series of post about Search Engine Optimization for WordPress. I shall try to give a complete Search Engine Optimization Guideline for Beginners.

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This is the First post of the series. In the article I am writing about How to select a best theme. Standard Article length of a post and Permalink optimization for Search Engine Optimization.

WordPress SEO tips

WordPress SEO tips

1. Theme Selection : WordPress is a CMS application But it’s work with theme (Template). So perfect template (Theme) selection is most important part of Your design with WordPress. There are thousands of free WordPress theme available for making a complete website or blog. Paid themes also available for professional website. So at first you should select a theme. If you made the theme yourself then must be validate the theme code in W3C (HTML5,CSS3,CSS). You must have to follow WordPress theme standers Guidelines from Codex WordPress . It’s very important for a WordPress website. Because errors codes can prevent the Search engines to index all important part of a site or it increase your page load time.

CSS: CSS file control your website style. It’s makes a website beautiful. It’s important to look beautiful a website. But don’t forget large amount of CSS code can reduce your page speed. So you should reduce CSS code as possible. A large CSS file is very harmful for search engine optimization. Large CSS file can reduce page speed and Website Rank.

2. Article length : Article length is also important for a website. Most of new blogger ignore this part. You should writing a article more than 500 words longer. Because when you will write long articles then visitors will spend more time on website. It will increase your website ranking first and search engine will show your site in top 10 results. Long article also related with good earning. When visitors spend more time on your website then increase the chance of ads click.

On the other hand search engine only index text of your website. So search engine index long article with most priority.

3. Permalinks ( Link ) : Permalink is another important part for search engine optimization. Here is some SEO friendly link Example for you.

Example : here is some SEO friendly link format.
Discover More details about Link Optimization for SEO.

I have seen most of the new blogger or webmaster ignore the part at first time. After few months later they setup permalink in right format. It’s very harmful for search engine optimization. You should us right format of permalink at first. If you you want change your old link format for SEO. Then Read How to redirect URL without losing SEO value and Traffic.


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